Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thoughts on Linking: The Diagram Edition

So last weekend I started to ponder linking - the links that everyone seem to be making ... So while I was waiting for a friend ... I drew a diagram:


So I thought I might try and make more sense of it ... and drew a more organised diagram:

Still chaos. Just more colourful. Less scribbly. However, still chaotic.

There is no way I am:
a) doing this
b) capable of doing this
c) capable of even maintaining this even if I could do this in the first place
d) able to explain this confidently
e) able to explain this confidently while under the added pressure of having an assessor visiting and asking me to explain and justify it!

So as a result I'm reading and re-reading the EYLF and making lists and such to really inform the choices that I and others make about linking and documenting.

Remember, linking is a left over from the QIAS ... We need to be smarter! We need to think. That's what the EYLF tells us to do! Critically reflect and make informed choices! More on this later! It's another essay!

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