Monday, June 18, 2012


I’m not working today and I thought I would take advantage of the off-time at home. You see, I moved rather suddenly about 9 months ago during a time of personal turmoil. While it took me 7 or so weeks to pack ... it’s taken me a great deal longer to unpack! I had a huge commute to work plus work drama plus work at home plus my responsibilities at home and I didn’t have enough life left in me to tackle the rest of the unpacking. It was much easier just putting things in the spare room to deal with later.

I’m a bit of a hoarder. I have so many teaching things and papers with ideas on them, or magazine articles or photocopies of sections of books that would have been great for teaching, university papers (most of them are gone now, but some still remain) blah blah blah ... lots of crap!

I’ve always been a bit of a clutter-bug ... but I found that through my years of tertiary education they were telling me to save this and save that for this and for that and ... yeah ...I need to change my thinking on the matter: Use it or lose it!

So, papers I want to keep are going into reorganised binders/folders with labels on the sides so I know what’s in them – I’ve given myself a shelf or two for those things ... then some shelves for books ... and then that’s it. If I’m not using it – it’s got to go!  I want clearly defined spaces.

I want life to be easier! I want more space to create! And right now, with clutter, I simply can’t do it!

Besides, it’s nice finding some treasures! I'm also finding alot of my portfolio ideas! See - something to inspire my writing!
Once there is organization, I can then play around with some creative projects - like the dolls! I found my patterns! Yay! And portfolio stuff!!


  1. Sounds like me except I have started scanning my paper hoard and storing them digitally as PDF files. Takes time but stores in a much smaller space!!

  2. I'm thinking I'll have to head in that direction as well! I also wanted to get a scanner to do family photos as well ... now I've got the comp & harddrive ... you make a very good point towards going digital! Having more spaces sounds so attractive!