Sunday, April 28, 2013

Facebook Updates @

Greetings. Just a quick post to tell you that I have pumped a lot of effort and energy into the facebook page.

We now feature a forum where I am posting information and links that will guide and inform you. (The notes facility just wasnt doing it for me!)

We aim to provide you with support and information and ideas - not necessarily answers. That's your job. Find, create, what works for you and your service. What would work for me, might not work for you!

We now also feature a chat app! So, if you would like to talk to others - that's the place to go - not 100% how that would work - perhaps we set up evening chat times for those who are interested in networking fingertip to fingertip rather than face to face?

Anyway, we're awesome, and we've got chat and forum apps!
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