Monday, January 3, 2011

Round Four: First Year as Toddler & Preschool Room Team Leader

In my next context, I worked with roughly 45 children (30 per day) aged 2-5years old with a team of four including myself. It is a long day care service and it is called the preschool room. I started to work with an almost Diploma and two assistants. My team and the groupings of children have changed so much over the course of 18 month that I am not even going to go into them all. There were 12 changes. TWELVE. I’m the ONE consistent adult in the room. It’s actually quite frustrating, why plan on something, when in a month’s time it will be obsolete or changed. At the moment I have a qualified partner and two assistants with 26 children aged 2-5 years old. I design the program and implement it with their help and support.

I get 2 hours a week programming which is often interrupted and I find it difficult getting into the groove of it all. I also did alot of work in the room alongside my children or when they are asleep or when things are quiet. I only coped with this role because of the skills I learned in my previous two jobs ~ especially the latter. I have learned that challenge leads to growth and innovation.

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