Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Personal Journey With Portfolios ...

I didn’t understand portfolios at first. I really didn’t understand what they meant or how to work on them. Five years out of university, and I get it. I’m always reflecting upon my practice as well as trying to improve upon my understanding and technique. I still find this really challenging. It’s hard! Asking questions and finding out what it is that is really behind children’s interests and learning and such. Sometimes the children just like dinosaurs or rainbows and its ok not to beat it to death by trying to understand “why”. I like rainbows because they are beautiful and colourful and bright. I think they are magical and they make me feel good and I am amazed when I see them in the sky. It really ruins it for me if someone says “It’s just light refracting off a raindrop” ... Seriously, I just think it is magic and I don’t care about the mechanics of the trick of nature. 


  1. Hi there, Miss Gaby, I noticed your URL on the Forum so have visited your blog - a good read! can I subscribe to the blog as opposed to the comments?

    1. Hi Louise! Welcome to my hobby and thank you!! I've played around with the layout and at the top is a "Subscribe to Teachersink" and a "Follow by Email" ... I've tested the 'follow by email' and it works and if you click on the subscribe it will bring down a dropdown menu - at the bottom it says "atom" and if you click on that it should allow you to follow the feeds ... Other than that I have no idea as blogging has been a big learning curve for me and I have NO computer programming knowledge at all! ... I've just had a look at your blog as well and I remember seeing it ages ago and loving it! (before my old computer died that is!) I'll be sure to check you out more often as well! Gaby