Saturday, January 8, 2011

About Teacher’s Ink.

I am an Early Childhood Teacher who also has a TAFE College (Technical and Further Education) Diploma in child care and education. I have been working in formal children’s services for 12 years. I have been caring for children since I was 12 when I began babysitting regularly for the neighbourhood infants! Times have changed a great deal since then, and I’m not sure how many people would hire 12 year olds to care for 9 month olds these days. But that, nonetheless is my start in caring for children. I began work as a nanny when I left high school, and those children are now adults and the same age as some of my dearest friends! Funny how these things work!

I just continued on this path of caring for children. My interest grew and grew as did my desire to further my education. At this point in time, I’m more interested in learning through collaboration, specialist courses on subjects of my interest, and research and reading.

My work experience:
· as a short term contract assistant in a family run private long day care centre (it was feral)
· an assistant coordinator of a before and after school care (BASC) program and vacation care programs
· acting coordinator of BASC
· as a casual team leader for long day care centres through multiple agencies,
· as a team leader in a nursery with 15 children aged 6weeks to 2 years,
· as a team leader in toddler room with ratios both 1:8 (16 children) and 1:6 (12 children)
· as team leader in a 30 place preschool room with children aged 2-5s

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