Portfolio Samples

Here are some seriously old school examples of how I used to do my portfolios ... I created these using my old style - i.e. pre EYLF and I also created them as notes for a book I wanted to write. Well, you guys might as well see them as they are! Sorry they are a bit dark - they are from my old camera which had been dropped a fair few times and wasn't the best with focusing and flashing in coordination! As you can see they have QIAS references (for the manager ages ago who wanted them) and also the NSW Curriculum Framework references ... I've moved on from there. I will work out how I can share some of my ideas around that without using photos of children! This will mean that I'll have to have a huge photography session at home and that is time consuming!


  1. Hi =) ur thoughts and ideas have been extemely helpful, good on you for sharing it all!! You have some great ideas and have made some things I've been stressing about seem a lot clearer and not so stressful =) Thankyou very much!!!

  2. Hi Miss Enlightened! I'm so pleased that I have been able to share with you and give you some support from a distance. I've finally bought a new computer and sorted out internet so I am able to work on things at home again and I will add more bits and pieces soon. You're welcome very much! XO