The ideas, images, or opinions presented in this blog are not and never have been the ideas, images, or opinions of my employers, past, present or future. I paid for my own education, the bulk of my training, and I have chosen my own professional development path. This brain and the ideas contained within, unless otherwise stated, are the property of me, owner of said brain.

This blog a slowly evolving creation of my mind ... The words and images contained in this blog are the product of my education, my teaching experiences: both good, bad, and mundane, my interests, my life, and my nature. I also believe that some of the blame lies with my parents. My thoughts, ideas, and beliefs are bound to evolve and change over time as I too grow and evolve as both a professional and an educator and shock horror, a human being!

If I should ever mention anyone in a story, then it will be expressed as a fictional anecdote. I reserve the right to have some artistic license in the expression of such stories. I will NEVER use the real names of individuals (children or adult), educational services or their locations. I will creatively alter trivial details to protect the anonymity of the individuals.

At this point in time, this blog is not commercial, but at some point in the future this may change. I reserve the right to edit or alter any posts that I have made, past, present or future. 

Any content on this page are my intellectual property. You are more than welcome to share it, or use it in your work, but please give me credit where credit is due.

Thank You

(c) Teacher's Ink. 2013 All Rights Reserved

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