Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where Are We At?!?!

Ah where to begin? I don't even know what I want to say! It's march and I can't believe that the time is flying so fast!

I'm pondering what our next steps will be. Teacher's Ink. is now a team. I'm still handling the blog for now - I'm the strongly opinionated one! But I have a partner in crime on the Facebook page. We actively choose anonyminity for now. Our "work" on facebook and the blog has nothing to do with our work/work.

We are going to be exploring some ideas that we have and looking as publishing them. When?  No idea! When we're done! And our ideas will evolve. The idea is not to give you all the answers and tell you that our way is the only way ... But share with you some possibilities and ideas to inspire you.

We shall keep you informed. We might even tease you a little!

Please return to your regular scheduled program!!!

-The Teacher's Ink. Team

(C) Teacher's Ink.

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