Saturday, March 23, 2013

DeHording & Possible Projects!

Today was about gardening and housework and laundry. I have managed to donate a big bag of clothes and a small wooden table to the Salvos (Sustainable Me!), purchase weed-matting and mulch for the garden (More Sustainable Me!), purchase some storage tubs (Not Sustainable Me!).

I'm planning to attack my clump of was supposed to be useful stuff ... you know paper and books and resources and stuff ... I'm down-sizing even more! Massive amounts are going to be donated to a service that can use it!

I'm going to move a lot of my teaching things into the shed as I'm not using them and they are just taking up space ...

HOWEVER that means [cue ominous music] that I must clean out the shed!!!! Nooooo! Its not that bad ... but it doesnt have a weather proof floor, so when it rains, it can get damp or even a bit flooded ... So things are up on pavers and shelves etc ... I'm not 100% sure how things will survive in there, but the bags of shredded paper seem to be fine!

Tomorrow, I hope to be organised enough to take a bag of old towels, a cat bed, and bags of shredded paper to the animal shelter (Ethical Sustainable Me!) ... I have them ready, I just have to make the drive!

Today was more about preparation rather than execution. Tomorrow I'm going to start executing the plan as my brother will be coming over next week and he can help me shift some small furniture! See, backcare even in the home!

I also have a couple of projects I've thought of that I want to work on ... and I'll fit them in during the week too ...

I have found so many useful links and the like and I want to share them! There really is so much helpful things out there ... its just a matter of finding them, or finding the time to find them!

I'm typing this with the Teacher's Ink Quality Control Officer sitting in front of the screen ... he's making a statement about my work ... In other words: 1) feed him and 2) go get ready to go out!

Any spelling errors, I blame TIQCO!

I hope everyone is having a slendid weekend and I shall return! Projects underway, and room organised!

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