Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spring Cleanin' Time!

My Side Kicks: Cat perched on paper towels = very helpful
(and  yes, that's a dog at door sniffing bum of other dog)
That's how we roll in this house ...

My pantry has been annoying me for some time now. Today, rather than simply putting things away, I pulled out a folding table, and took it all out! I grouped and sorted things into piles and then reorganised them and put them away. I then did the small cupboard next to the sink, then decluttered the spice rack and the bench top. I feel a strong sense of achievement today. A long weekend Sunday well spent. Yay me.
Next stop on this Spring extravaganza is my home office. I’m not happy with it. I have too many bookcases which worked well in my apartment – because I had a super wide entry hallway which could accommodate them. I don’t have that in this house. And with built in wardrobes in two rooms AND an antique wardrobe in the third ... where is all this stuff to go?!?!
I have a lot of books I haven’t read, and lets face it, probably will never read. I’m a library girl – you borrow them, if you get around to reading them? Great. If not, return. So, I will sort through them, and gather a pile to donate (hopefully a large pile!). And the magazines as well – I want to sort through the images I want to keep, and the rest can be used for art experiences!
They really do teach you to hoard when you’re studying to be a teacher/educator.
Well, no more.
I’d rather have room in my life for more life! (And Universe, I don’t literally mean more lives as in animals, I have enough of those thank you very much!)
Over & Out Brussel Sprout

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