Sunday, May 20, 2012

Creative Presentation of Resources

It seriously doesnt have to cost a fortune ... It will cost more than the plastic baskets at the $2 shop mind you, but they will last forever and they look warm and beautiful and inviting and they are natural materials to boot!

This set of wooden bowls + a wooden square plate I forgot to add to the photo cost $20. There is a little crack in the large wooden bowl, but that could be filled up easily enough with some filler and then sanded back then oiled. They are so warm and beautiful.

So even if you displayed plastic animal figurines in the bowls, at least they are presented in a beautiful way.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Paige! I thought so! That's why I didn't buy them for the centre I'm doing work at (they got the baskets!) - I'm keeping these treasures for my own resource collection (for when I find a job worth committing to!)

    2. It's true. I keep my treasures with me too and only bring them in for about a week or two for the children to explore. I am always keeping a close eye on the materials that mean a lot to me!