Sunday, March 25, 2012

Play Dough Equipment on a Budget

Ok, so I just posted about dough which made me think of what I had purchased previously for the dough table ... I checked my archives and yes, I do have the photos! These materials lasted a long time and they weren't the tacky coloured plastic you normally buy from the toy catalogues. These were real products and the kids used them with great enthusiasm! So, here they are:

I also bought some ginger bread cut outs - male and female from another discount store, as well as a set of crayfish (I once had a child who loved crabs and sea creatures, so he was happy to have that set at the table!)

Rolling pins which can roll, but also be used to make circular shapes in the dough ...

Wooden spoons of so many different sizes.

There are just so many things you could use at the discount store ... seriously ... think outside the box of the toy store catalogues and see what is out there for often a great deal less. Also, see what families might donate or use containers from homes! Yoghurt tubs, fruit cups, dumpling trays ... there are so many "throw aways" that we can use to jazz up the dough experience with the children! 

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